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Jim writes about the Forgotten Ones - Home Builders

Home Builders - created in 1992 and updated in 2009. I have been involved over the years in various real-life co-operative building of homes. Probably the most exciting group building event I ever witnessed was a Mennonite barnraising. You can talk about your soccer excitement, but nothing compares to a barnraising. 

Anyway, in this game, the homes the players put together are from different cultures past and present, so we learn a bit about other kinds of shelter. This educational element was very popular for classroom use both for the gorgeous illustrations and the puzzles to assemble.

So, why very recently has the popularity of the game faded, become one of the forgotten?  The feedback I am getting is that some of the homes included in the game are offensive to some cultures. I am told to find substitutes for teepees, igloos, clay huts and bring the game into modern times.