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Jim writes about the Forgotten Ones - Hugs & Tickles

Hugs & Tickles - created in 1994, intended for group use, the premise being that we get to chase away the Blues with hugs, jokes, making goofy faces, dancing, singing, and so on. The game was very popular as a classroom resource for years and then came the prohibitions about "touching" children. The use of the game died.

I still make it in small quantities for a market I never dreamed I would be supplying. I call this market the "people repair" business. I never intended the games for healing, for Family Therapy, for Children Psychiatry, for Autism Coaching. I am grateful that games such as HUGS & TICKLES are finding positive use again in a context that we feel free to try out. What's happened to us that "touching" has become so damaging?