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Jim writes about the Forgotten Ones - The Circus Comes to Town

The Circus Comes to Town - created in 1998.

     I used this game often when I was invited to kindergartens and elementary schools to demonstrate co-operative play resources.  I loved the circus, both the rough and romantic aspects.  My library is full of circus posters.  I was aware of the protests of using animals and was careful to make my game playable without the use of animals and having humans doing death defying tricks, somewhat as in Cirque de Soleil. BUT, I included animal components, if the players decided to have animals as well as humans in their travelling circus.

     Initially, the game was very popular, sold well, and then the protests began to cause the demise of circuses, especially the smaller ones. So the animal circus lost its appeal, while the human circus became a grand endeavor.  My game faded in popularity and I sometimes wonder if I changed the title from THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN to something else that the game would regain acceptance as the challenging enjoyment it can be.