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Break A Leg

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1 to 6 players, Ages 12 to Adult

We are a group of investors in a small city theatre. We also assume many different jobs, such as Promotions, Auditions, Advertising, Accountant and Stage Manager. Everyone works together to put on a Season of three Plays — a Drama, a Comedy and a Musical.

We try to balance Artistic Concerns with the need to keep the Cash Box as full as possible — in other words, have a profitable Season and avoid losing our shirts. Profits and losses are split equally. The bottom line is to put on Plays people enjoy and to make some money doing so.

Hey, what’s to worry about? Critics? Yes, they can be scary alright! What if we work our hearts out and they hate the Play? The Technicians? Yes, things can go wrong with the lighting, sound, costumes, and set. Or maybe the Director is a tyrannical brute, making the sweet ingénue weep and spoil her make-up. 

But wasn’t it Alfred Hitchcock who said that Actors may not be animals, but they should be treated like animals? And, the Writers — oh the Writers! They can be brilliant, and they can be without conscience. The Actors and Actresses? Perhaps the odd tantrum, forgetting of lines, scene stealing…? Sometimes it seems that there isn’t going to be a next night.

But when it all comes together in a passionate, co-operative effort — What Beauty! What Truth! And just listen to that Cash Register ring!

Includes: 8 x 17″ board, 40 cast cards, 5 protection and 5 influence cards, 18 play posters, money, cash box, dice, balance sheets, box office charts, critics’ reviews, cast marker, rules for basic and advanced games. © 2002

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