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JSCH Box and Game Board and Pieces Arranged in Play


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1 to 5 players, Ages 12 to Adult

The JSCH (pronounced “Ish”) from faraway Planet Erra observe the struggle between Good and Evil Forces on Planet Earth. Which will gain influence over the Minds and Souls of Humans? JSCHWJSCH/JSCHRJSCH mean Kings and Queens of Wisdom in the Plejaran language.

The players help each other by clever laying of tiles to make Maps or Areas of Consciousness so the Forces of Light will be in the majority. Each player has an JSCH as a personal E.T. Contact whose spiritual help they can call upon to prevent the Evil Forces from ruling Earth.

THE MAPS that develop as tiles are laid are not geographical areas with territorial boundaries, but rather more fluid depictions of how cultures spread regardless of national boundaries.

THE EVIL FORCES, symbolized by Dark Shields with a drop of blood shaped like a bomb, represent such Forces as violence, greed, hate, confusion, political and religious conflicts… the destructive elements.

THE YELLOW SHIELDS with the UFO-like Eye represent the Forces of Light, which you can interpret as Goodness, Compassion, living per Creational Laws… all that is positive in humans.

WHITE SHIELDS represent the Uncommitted, who will convert to Dark or Light, depending on which Force is in the majority in that Area.

It will take all your strategic skills & the timely help of the JSCH to save Planet Earth from the destructive Forces that threaten us all.

Includes: 60 tiles, 5 jsch, 2 influence markers, 1 influence track. © 2005

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