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Stop the Presses! Box, Game Board and Pieces displayed in Play

Stop the Presses!

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2 to 6 players, Ages 12 to Adult

We need to bring in enough Stories, illustrated with Photos and Cartoons and Advertising Contracts to meet the printing costs and staff payroll. If we can’t meet these combined costs, then it is a case of STOP THE PRESSES! There isn’t enough money to print our beloved WEEKLY ILLUMINATOR.

Our revenues come from reader circulation and advertising. We have a team of fine reporters chasing down stories.

We have an advertising representative working magic on securing contracts, a photographer with an eye for photos that sell, a cartoonist who knows how to stir up controversy to add readership.

Last but not least, we have an editor with a warm, soft heart and steel-like brain (or is it the other way around?) as well as a steady hand for guiding our newspaper through thorny issues such as the Libel Suit, the Press Union’s demand for a pay raise, people offended by our cartoons… imagine their nerve telling us what to publish and not to publish!?!

Includes: 17 x 17″ board, 1 reporter mover, 1 press time marker, 1 die, 55 cards consisting of 10 staff, 2 cartoons, 1 comic page, 6 photos, 6 issues, 12 ad contracts, 18 assorted stories, rules © 2006

Customers give Favourable Reviews of Family Pastimes.   Our customers say:
“I especially enjoy taking on a different reporter role each round, although being the all-powerful Editor has got to provide the biggest and coolest challenge.” — Chuck, IL