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Caves & Claws Game Box, Tiles, Cards and Pieces Displayed

Caves & Claws

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1 to 4 Players, Ages 6 to Adult

The museum hires a team of Archaeologists to head deep into a Jungle to find Ancient Artifacts. We are that team, ready for action and adventure!

Caves & Claws is a fantasy game, featuring elements of suspense, careful planning, teamwork, danger and humor. The game has three parts. First, we must hack out the Paths to the abandoned Caves and Temples. Second, using the connected paths, we search for and discover the Treasures. Finally, we must return safely to Base Camp with what we gathered.

There are Dangers and Obstacles to avoid, such as The Creeping Claw, The Nasty Hairy Thing and Big Boulders rolling over Entrances! We may have to resort to whatever desperate Remedy we find in our knapsacks to save us — a Super Head Net, a Laser Lantern, a Piece of Broccoli, even a Smelly Sock! Yes, few creatures can face the Sock!

Includes: Jungle Pathways, Temples, Caves, Mover, Tent Card, A set of Ancient Treasure, Danger and Remedy Cards, Rules for Regular and Hard Games. © 1998 Family Pastimes Cooperative Games