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Dragonfly Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play


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1 to 4 Players, Ages 5 to 9

Some people don’t realize that the Dragonfly is a friend. It eats up a lot of Mosquitoes and in the summer when I see armies of dragonflies arriving, I give a cheer! Go, Team Dragonfly, get those nasty mosquitoes before they get us and our pets.

The object of the game is to capture the mosquitoes with the dragonflies so people and pets don’t get bitten. The game is over when all the mosquitoes are accounted for, either all caught or some caught and some (ouch!) biting people and pets.

Adults enjoy the strategies as well, especially in a family setting. Play by oneself or with as many as 4.

Includes: full color boards, 4 dragonfly speed charts, 4 dragonflies, 10 mosquitoes, 10 blowing winds, 1 die, rules. © 2011

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