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Gnightly Gnomes Game Box and Board set with Pieces in Play

Gnightly Gnomes

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2 to 4 Players, Ages 5 to Adult

Gnomes work unseen at night doing acts of kindness, helping people out by doing odd jobs, guarding chickens, and putting things in order. The word gnome itself is derived from “Kuba-Walda”, which means “home administrator” or perhaps “home spirit” in the ancient Germanic language. Their word can also mean “to put in order” or “do odd jobs”.

Traditionally, if Gnomes are respected, they keep an eye on our livestock, crops, wells, woodlots, orchards, gardens, anything on the land they share with you.

Being Mystical in Nature means that there is always someone out to stop you, or find you or catch you for reasons of their own! That is why Gnomes work quietly at night, to avoid being caught by Big Meanies like those!

Object: Gnomes try to do all the Chores, collect Rewards & not get caught by Big Meanies.

Contents: Board, 25 Cards consisting of 8 Chores, 8 Rewards and 9 Big Meanies, 4 Movers & Rules

©2011, Jim Deacove
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