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Kotek Psotek (Max the Cat)

Kotek Psotek (Max the Cat)

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Limited Availability, Family Pastimes is only offering these few from Jim’s own private collection!

Many of our friends may not be aware, for many years now Family Pastimes has been in cooperative relationships with game makers in Europe to help bring our classic games to that continent without shipping our own product overseas.

In this instance, one of our favourite classics, Max (the Cat), has been lovingly reproduced by Egmont, a game maker that makes and sells this licensed edition in Poland!

It is the very same game Jim Deacove created back in the 1980’s that we still make ourselves and sell many of today, but with a beautiful modern update in production values.

The tree has become a three dimensional structure with homes in the branches for the bird and the squirrel and a home in the roots for the mouse.

The pieces have become contemporary wooden movers, often referred to among gamers as “Meeples” in style. The dice are wooden, but still feature stick-on decals. The die cut treats and tree are superb in quality.

The graphics have been updated by the artist Zofia Burkowska. You can see how the art continues from board to box when in play mode, providing a very attractive setting integrated in the packaging.

The board remains in the box for play, allowing the tree to be well seated in box and board. Tree, pieces, nests and treats all store beneath the board when not in use.

This edition has inspired others which also feature updates that are now being released across Europe in many languages by our close fiends at Sunny Gamesa wonderful group that has the same focus on co-operative games as Family Pastimes. Sunny Games has been producing licensed editions of many Family Pastimes titles for over a decade, in many languages, helping to foster the co-operative spirit across the world. They recently released several Family Pastimes classics at the prestigious Internationale
Spieltage SPIEL'17

What do you think of this edition? Let us know on social media. Our own classic Max is still available, with it’s beautiful art by Coral Nault, and it is still only $15 so that everyone can afford to enjoy this great game.

Boxes, boards, pieces, these matter, but at the center must be a great game, or no one would choose to reproduce it and spread it around the world. Or hand down to their children the game they played, or to their grandchildren the game they purchased for their own child. Tell Jim thanks on the Facebook, willya?