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Old Spider and the Fly Game Board, Box and Pieces Displayed in Play

Old Spider and the Fly

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1 to 6 Players, Ages 4 to 7

(With apologies to Hemingway.)

Summer has arrived and so have the bugs. Inside my cabin, 6 different ones are on the move. I am glad to see that the Old Spider is also back putting her web out for them. Especially for that Fly, which gets into everything.

We are going to help Old Spider catch these bugs. On a turn, each player deploys the web, rolls the dice and sees if any bugs get trapped. As the game goes on, some of the bugs may wiggle free and fly out the window. They can be very tricky! So, we and the Old Spider must make some careful choices.

“A quick moving, fun game, helping to dispel the myth that spiders are scary.”

Includes: full color board 12″ x 12″, 2 dice with bug decals, 6 bugs tokens, 2 spider webs, complete rules. © 2006 Family Pastimes Cooperative Games