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Princess Game Box, Board and Pieces set up to Play


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2 to 4 Players, Ages 4 to 7

An exciting fantasy game giving thoughtful and imaginative play experience. Our princess is a sturdy little girl in the Castle who needs to be rescued from a Mean Guard and Fierce Dog. It’s not going to be easy — and besides, Darkness is coming!

Off we go through Fields, Woods, Mountains and Villages in search of Things Magical and Practical needed to free the Princess. We’ll do some sharing, help each other to remember where Special Things are hidden, and together think our way past the Obstacles.

Includes: 12 x 12″ board, die, movers, night cards, good grief cards, special things. © 1986

Family Pastimes  Our customers say:
“I must tell you how much the students here enjoy Princess.
All your games teach social and co-operative skills.”

— South Carolina, USA

Canadian Toy Testing Top Rating Award 1986