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Round-Up Game Box, Board and Pieces set up to Play! Giddy-Up!


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1 to 8 Players, Ages 5 to 7

The horses have been running wild on the range. Our job is to round up as many as we can and bring them back to the Ranch Corral. Maybe some are in the Box Canyons. Maybe some are grazing along the Trail. As we ride out, we’ll have to get some Lassoes and Binoculars and watch out for Falling Rocks! They can block up a Trail and leave a beautiful horse trapped.

We must work together as a team, sharing our equipment and talking over our Ideas. Because of the random setup, each game is a new adventure. Therefore, parents enjoy it too! Happy Trails, pardners, and have a good Round-up!

Includes: 12 x 12″ board, rocks, lassoes, wild horses, binoculars. © 1991

Family Pastimes Fans Say:  Our customers say:
“Our favourite! I really like the concept of doing only one thing per turn so players really have to cooperate and help each other.” — Ottawa, Canada

Canadian Toy Testing Top Rating Award 1991