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Shhh...Mom's Asleep Game Displayed with Board, Box and Cards

Shhh!... Mom's Asleep

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2 to 6 Players, Ages 5 to 8

It’s afternoon and Mom is having a nap with Baby.

She has left a list of Chores for us to do. We want to help Mom out. There are many useful Tools around the House we must match to their Chores.

Careful, though, not to wake Mom & Baby before the Chores get done. Maybe the dog barks, maybe someone knocks over pots and pans, maybe we kids get into a noisy fight… We must figure out how to deal with these events.

Expect story-telling, discussion, imagination, logic, working as a Team and learning about practical things around the Home. And learning to be Good is important as well!

Designer’s Note: “This game is partly open-ended, because while most of the Chores have specific solutions, a variety of others need you to create your own solutions and explain them to each other.” — Jim

Includes: 12 x 12″ board showing house floorplan, cards depicting chores, tools and wake-ups, rules. (Note: You need to supply a small photo of your Mom — or you can use the one of my Mom and me as a baby.) © 2006 Family Pastimes Cooperative Games