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Amazing Illusions

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1 to 10 Players, Ages 8 to Adult

Players are a team of Magicians performing a series of Dangerous Illusions, trying not to get trapped in them.

Each game played is the performance itself, full of risks. If something goes wrong, we could fail to carry out illusions — or much worse, we could fail to survive.

Yes, while the audience gasps in excitement and applauds in delight, we, the Magicians, are forever wondering if tonight is the night we will get caught in our own wondrous Magical Illusions.

A tricky strategy game that will challenge adults as well. The random set-up makes each game different! A tribute to the fascinating world of magic, with the danger and the applause! And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing for your amazement…

Includes: 13 x 18″ board, manager’s chart, magicians, dangers, escapes, and magic power cards. © 1991

Positive Reviews for Family Pastimes Co-operative Games   Reviewers say:
“A special game! Captures the mystique of magic!”
— Magic Magazine