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Deep Sea Diver Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play

Deep Sea Diver

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1 to 10 Players, Ages 8 to Adult

A real-life adventure game about diving for treasures, and other discoveries! Maybe an ancient wreck. Maybe a flight recorder of a downed aircraft. But watch out for black-tipped sharks and menacing barracuda.

You need teamwork to plan the dive, share equipment, get each other out of trouble and to divide whatever treasure you bring up.

Includes: 13 x 18″ board, diver cards, danger cards, treasure cards, equipment tokens, air tank tokens, glossary of diving terms, movers. © 1986

Fans of Family Pastimes Co-operative Games  Our customers say:
“We used this game as a teaching resource in our gifted classes, for the Sea unit. It worked especially well.” — Toronto, Canada