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Yin Yang Game Board, Box and Pieces Displayed as Mid-Game Play

Yin Yang

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2 Players, includes rules for Solitaire game, Ages 7 to Adult

Has the feel of games like Checkers, but with a Co-operative twist. Jumping pieces without killing. My moves helping me & you or both of us going nowhere.

Move the black and yellow discs to create the Yin Yang symbol of spaces in the middle of the board. 

Contents: 12×12″ Board, Turn Marker, 22 Wooden Discs (4 Blue Discs, 9 Yellow Discs, 9 Black Discs), Rules. © 2016, Jim Deacove

Family Pastimes Designer Notes   Designer Notes:

“Having a third color allows for neat creative combinations.” - Jim

 Family Pastimes customers Say:   Our customers say:

“A very absorbing experience.” — The Netherlands