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S.O.S. Game Box, Board and Pieces set up to Play


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2 to 8 Players, Ages 10 to Adult

The Cruise Ship is sinking fast. The players manage to launch a Lifeboat. They form a Rescue Team, working together to save themselves and as many of the Survivors as they can. 

Dwindling Fuel and Food, roaming Sharks, fatal Rock formations, Survivors drifting further and further away… all add up to exciting game play.

There are many variations on how the game can end. The best of all scenarios is when everyone is saved and we get our Lifeboat safely to an Island. Stay alert and keep stout hearts!  Rescue work is a dangerous and demanding job.

Includes: 17 x 22.5″ board, special dice, lifeboat, charts (captain’s marine forecasts, food supply, fuel/speed), die cut cards (drifting currents, food marker, fuel marker, sharks, rocks, food and fuel packets, an assortment of survivors, rules for regular and nasty versions. © 2000

Our Customers Say   Our customers say:
“This game creates the most controversy in our group. The variety of choices facing the rescuers, with some very agonizing life and death decisions to be constantly made provides plenty of dialogue and nail-biting strategies. A challenging and entertaining game for adults!”
— Friday Night Gamers, Ontario, Canada