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Somewhere Everywhere Water Rising

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Ages 9 to Adult, 1 to 4 Players

The Scenario
With ice in the North melting, coupled with heavy rainfall, our planet is experiencing somewhere and more and more just about everywhere.
We are a team of consultants hired to develop land areas and protect them from the rising waters. The game takes place within a timeline to see what progress we make in our efforts to develop and protect Natural Areas, Agricultural Lands, City Neighbourhoods and Business Industrial Locations.

Consultants discuss what is the best actions to take and must reach consensus (all agree). If there is no agreement, the game ends and is scored. Scoring is in billions of dollars.

The Object
   In ten rounds, create as many Developments as you can and defend them from the rising waters. Billions of dollars are awarded for what you develop. A running total is kept. For water that occupies land areas and destroys developments, billions are deducted.
Caution: Work as a team, working only for your own department will lead to players blocking each other, causing certain defeat and doom.

Gameboard 13” x 16”, Round marker, Die cut Tiles with 6 Waters Rising, 10 Defences,  20 Land Tiles, Rules for Regular and Advanced games, 1 Die, and a sample game to try.