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Family Pastimes Co-operative Games

Co-operative Games Kit

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1 to 5 players, Ages 6 to Adult

A thick pad of pencil and paper games. These four word and graph games give many hours of play for the school, family times, rainy days, or when traveling. Useful for teaching languages and, most important, co-operative skills.

Vorto Game

A Word Bingo game. Use any language. Good for mixed ages. Each person works at their own level, but for a team score.

Mountain Climb Game

A graph variation of our big board game. Players are a team climbing a mountain with just enough supplies.

Cross It Game

A unique Crossword Game. Use any language. Everyone helps to make a crossword puzzle on a chosen theme.

Star Clusters Game

An elaborate X’s and O’s game with a Space Future flavor. Black HolesStar Clusters Game, Suns & Star Clusters unfold.

Pad & Rules, 5 x 8 in, comes in a zip lock bag.

Includes: 5 x 8″ game pad and rules, in a zip lock bag. © 1983, 1997

Family Pastimes Co-operative Games