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Jim writes about the Forgotten Ones - Eyes of the Jungle

Eyes of the Jungle - created in 1991.

I always liked the old McGyer TV shows in which he was faced with seemingly insurmountable problems and using his clever imagination he would find various objects and make them into tools that would solve those problems.

In this game, we are a team of Jungle Rangers using whatever jungle resources we find to overcome deadly dangers. Eyes of the Jungle was very popular for a few years, did well in North America and then in Europe. Then it abruptly faded in popularity. I was especially puzzled about the USA market more than the European one, because, frankly, I did not know much about what themes appealed to Europeans. But I got a clue from my sales rep in New York, where he was having a difficult time generating orders.  Is it the price points?  No. The theme? No.  Box size?  No  illustrations, then?  Now you are on to something. There is a building resentment about immigrants sneaking into the USA and you have to change the pictures of those Jungle Rangers you have on the cover.  They look too much like Puerto Ricans or Mexicans. But, I replied, the game is set in a Central American jungle and the main characters are natives.

It seems that there are gamers who do not want to role play as a native  Changing social conditions had made my game non grata.