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Peace IN Our Time Game Laid Out with Box

Peace In Our Time

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6 to 18 players, Ages 12 to Adult

Six Nations must solve internal affairs without creating conflicts within their own borders.

As the game progresses, hot spots could develop — and by game’s end several or all the Nations could be at war. The game is then lost.

Each Nation creates a balanced territory so that a balanced world results in which population does not exceed land and resources and work is available for everyone. On the religious, cultural and political side, all sectors are also in balance with no sector dominating another.

The key to achieving this balance is Right Education, in which intelligence and compassion are nurtured. How well the players use Right Education and deploy the other factors within their borders while making trades to assist each other across borders will determine the degree of success in establishing firm and lasting peace in our time.

Best for group play.

Includes: 6 nation charts, 2 sets of cards (110 total) consisting of population, land/resources, work/technology, religion/culture, politics/military and right education, die, rules. © 2006

 Customer Comment   Our customers say:

After 30 minutes of wheeling and dealing, making compromises, settling hot points, we felt as if we had lived through the perils and joys of international meetings. All in the good cause of making peace.” — Workshop participant