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Family Pastimes

Personal Portraits

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1 to 30 players, Adults

For Adults who like to talk over, reflect about and generally explore who they are and what is important to them in this ever-challenging world.

In a non-competitive, relaxed friendly format, we paint verbal portraits of each other using the image cards provided. The cards are both serious and playfully humorous. We rank the images on each other’s charts as well.

How important, for example, are Family Reunions to Jim? More important than having a Car? And where do Politics fit in? To add to the enjoyment, there are Quips to consult, Koans to answer and Fortunes to consider, as revealed by the Fortune Teller at the end of the game.

Rules provide for Solitaire play, a Couples version, and a Group version for up to 30; thus, this is a game suitable for a few or for Socials, Parties…

Includes: 12 personal portraits charts, 600 image cards, 180 koans, 150 fortunes, quips booklet. © 1997

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