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Brainy Games

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1 to 9 players, Ages 10 to Adult

These are 3 logic games for the clever to enjoy. Each game features a unique Flipping Strategy to keep you on your mental tiptoes and wanting to play the games over and over. Not for the faint-minded.

The Griddle GAme

You are a team of Short Order Cooks trying to cook up as many complete and unburnt Breakfasts as you can.

The Invaders Game

Together you build a protective Stone Wall around Castle, Village Huts, and Farm Fields to keep out the nasty Invaders.

The Flu Bug Games

You are a team of Doctors trying to get rid of a spreading Flu Bug & make well the Sick, among whom is Santa. Was there ever a better time to discover the Power of Garlic?

Includes: 7.75 x 7.75″ board, 2 dice, 10 hot spot tokens, 28 griddle tokens, 28 invaders tokens, 28 flu bug tokens, 4 storage bags, rules for all 3 games. © 2003 

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