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Coast to Coast Game Box, Board and Cards Displayed as in Play

Coast to Coast

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2, 3 or 4 Players, Ages 9 to Adult

We are a Railroad Building Company and work together to build a Railroad from Coast to Coast, connecting the Rail and Challenge cards to form a continuous line.

There is a solution every time. We just must be clever enough to find it and not give up easily. But if you do give up, and it does happen to the best of us, celebrate what you did accomplish and try again.

Contents: Playboard 8” x 25”, 1 Team Mover, 4 Company Collector Cards, 15 Challenge Cards, 15 Rail Track Cards, 28 Resources Tokens, Work Site Chart, 12 Railroad Signal Tokens (6 Green Go & 6 Red Stops), Regular & Advanced Rules © 2014

Listen up, Jim's talkin   “Railroad games always feature a battle for supremacy. I wanted a different railroad game experience
by having the players collaborating and coordinating their efforts to build a rail system. “- Jim