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DGA-TV Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play


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2 to 6 players, Ages 10 to Adult

A co-operative game about running your own TV station.

We are Producers working together to bring Award Winning programming to the viewing public. We run 7 Studios, featuring everything from Children’s Shows to Current Affairs. We must deal with the critics, ratings, sponsors and the actions of people behind and in front of the cameras.

With skill and luck, we will avoid Cancellations and earn Awards.

This game has the flavor of casino games such as Blackjack. We try to put together as popular a TV program as we can, i.e., as high scoring a card hand of the best crew, top ratings and committed sponsors to counter the negative hand of mounting drops in ratings, loss of viewers and sponsors as well as some troubles among the station crew.

Expect lots of talk and debate. Clever teamwork and risk-taking are also needed or we will lose our shirts as the Cancellations pile up. Be careful, everything can quickly spin out of control. Good luck!

Includes: 8 game boards, rules, 6 movers, 7 success markers, 1 program marker, 41 thumbs up and 45 thumbs down cards, rules summary chart. © 2006

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