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Let's Go Hiking

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2 to 6 players Ages 8 to Adult

Armed with just cameras, binoculars & some other equipment, we leave our camp & hike into the Park to learn about wildlife. We may be surprised what we learn about ourselves as well.

Our goal is to bring back as many photographs as we can of the animals we track and end up at the Guest Lodge for refreshment. We will try to leave the Park as undisturbed as possible, maybe leaving only our footprints behind.

Before the game ends, we will learn about the wisdom of the woods, its dangers, its plants (both good & nasty), its creatures, large & small, AND ways of tracking that use sound, scent & sight to best advantage. This will be a shared, group experience!

Includes: 12 x 12″ board, 1 hiker’s mover, 1 die, 55 cards (consisting of 19 problems, 12 photographs of animals/tracks, 13 solutions, and 21 movements), rules. © 2006 Family Pastimes Cooperative Games