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Messages Game Box, Board and Pieces set up to Play


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1 to 6 players, Ages 10 to Adult

Three games for those who love playing with words and ideas. The symbol tokens are used to form picture phrases and sentences, known as rebuses. Many opportunities for players to express their cleverness, creativity & sense of humor.

The Fill 'Er Up Game

Pool your ideas to make Rebuses to fill the board entirely. Red spots add challenges & make each game played a different experience.

The Clear the Deck Game

This time you fill the board at random with 64 symbols, and try to discover rebuses among them, to clear the board.

The Crossword Rebus Game

Create a board of interconnecting rebuses with few or no black spaces left uncovered by game’s end. Very hard.

Includes: 7.75 x 7.5″ board, 100 symbol tokens, glossary of suggested meanings, rules, storage bag. © 2003

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