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Seekers of the Sacred Icons Game Displayed with Board, Box, Cards and Tokens

Seekers of the Sacred Icons

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2 to 4 Players, Ages 9 to Adult

Barbarians have stolen four containers each with a special parchment revealing the secrets to gaining Truth, Beauty, Compassion and Freedom. However, each container cannot be opened without knowing the Secret Code.

Each Code is different and kept by the Ten Guardians of the Codes. The ruthless, brutal Barbarians have captured and imprisoned the Ten Guardians in the vain hope of extracting the Secret Codes…

The Sacred Icons and Guardians are somewhere in the Walled City controlled by the Barbarians. We, the Seekers, enter this City in search of the Sacred Icons and the Guardians so that the Icons can be restored to their four Spiritual Power Centers.

The task will be difficult and not for the faint-hearted. Locked Doors and nasty Barbarians await as we quietly do our search.

Includes: playboard, 4 pawn movers, 4 spiritual power indicators, 4 seeker cards, 9 locked doors, 11 barbarians, 4 icon containers, 10 guardians of the codes, 8 keys, rules. © 2006  

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“A nice blend of reality and fantasy. Each move requires careful choices and consideration of where your fellow adventurers are. Looks simple, but the complexities are there. Keep an eye on those Barbarians.”
— Sandra, B.C.