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Space Future Game displayed with Box, Board and Pieces Ready to Play

Space Future

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2 to 4 Players, Ages 9 to Adult

A team of space explorers are together on a dangerous mission. You set up the mission. As in real space travel, each person has an important part to fulfill, and must return safely to Earth.

Each must use the craft, equipment and fuel wisely. Keep an alert mind on the controls. Lives are at stake. We have to look after one another, performing daring rescues.

A special feature is that players are not static, but grow in wisdom and knowledge. This personal growth affects how well you perform during the mission. A quick moving game, with plenty of strategy decisions.

Includes: 17 x 22″ board, mission chart, equipment cards, fuel tokens, experience cards, spacecraft, dice. © 1979

Canadian Toy Testing - Top Rating Award 1980

Our Customers Say:   Our customers say:

“This is a no-kill/maim/destroy space game. What a breath of fresh air!” — Massachusetts, USA