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Yin-Yang Classic (NOS)!

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Jim was looking around the factory and came across a few copies of the original Yin Yang that was originally published in 1976! 

People seemed to really enjoy checking out the old SkyScraper games we found, so we thought it would be fun to let these get out there as well. We found just under a hundred SkyScrapers in a box, there are far fewer copies of the original Yin Yang, so if you were among those buying for the purposes of both play and collecting, I recommend you grab one up quick!

Here's the original games description from the box:

"A Co-Operative Game with the flavour of Pente & GO.

Players try to develop a series of balanced patterns.

The moving principles are simple, but the variations & complexities of play are almost infinite.

This is a game for those who like abstract, meditative endeavors.

For beginners or younger players, 9 years & up, a simpler game, CLARITY, is included. Both YIN YANG & CLARITY are Two Person Games or equally excellent played as a Solitaire.

Contents: Board 12" x 12", 3 sets of coloured "pebbles", rules for both games & scoring sheets.

 Ages: CLARITY, 9 & up. Yin Yang, Teen to Adult"

The "pebbles" are 64 plastic marbles, I think 10 blue, 27 yellow and 27 black. The board may be blue as in the featured picture or it may be a rarer turquoise board as pictured next to the blue, we don't know and we aren't opening them if that's okay with you.

The original game sported a board with more spaces and more pieces in play than the modern version. While both versions are good fun and have their fans, if anyone has both and wanted to let us know which they prefer and why we would love to hear about it.