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Bambino Dino

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1 to 6 Players, Ages 4 to 6

Baby Dinosaur is happily munching on leaves, twigs and berries in a deep Canyon and is caught in the rising Water of a flash flood. Our job is to rescue Bambino Dino!

We work as a team to save little Dino by lowering the Water level until he is dry and help give him the Food he likes best.

This is an excellent game to introduce the co-operative concept to young children. Simple to grasp, with color-coded dice that indicate when to pick a helpful Tool or some Food and when to build the Water higher and higher.

Though luck plays a part in keeping up the suspense, there are choices to be made, so you must do some thinking and discussing. Everyone’s contribution matters. Have fun and remember to share your Tools. We need everyone’s help.

Includes: 6 x 12″ board, water pieces, rules, bucket & food cards, dice, stickers © 2001 

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