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Climate Crisis, a Co-operative Board Game from Family Pastimes.

Climate Crisis

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3 to 18 Players, Ages 12 to Adult

The Question

  • Can nations work with communities and businesses to accelerate the solutions to speed up Earth's transition to zero carbon pollution, while ensuring that everyone does their fair share and supports those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change?
  • Is it possible to achieve 100% renewable energy before 2050?, including 100% renewable electricity before 2035? While also working with people, government and industry to restore, rehabilitate and reforest areas?
  • Will we introduce climate finance solutions to more countries that are struggling with the threats of climate change?

The Game

A co-operative game about managing resources and solving our climate problems.

Players begin as independent national leaders, but as the game progresses they will need to collaborate, not compete. Assist one another by sharing information, resources and money.

The temptation to care only for your own corner of the world will be strong, until their problems become your own. Playing principles are simple, yet the strategies can be complex & demand creative brainstorming.

What will you be able to achieve within a four year term of government?

Contents: Board, 1 die, 6 Nation cards, 75 Billion in play money, 42 wooden resource tokens, Climate Situation chart, 1 World Accord card that shows Legends, Deductions, World Bank Main Vault, Time Calendar and a Calendar marker. © 2019 Jim Deacove