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Diplomatic Mission

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1 to 2 players, Ages 12 to Adult

The battlegrounds are quiet, but full of tension. One false move, a deliberate or accidental casualty, and hostilities will be renewed. Then the game is declared Lost.

To win, a lasting peace must be made. To realize that objective, the players each send out a team of Diplomats to each other’s Castles to secure the respective Royal Signatures and Seals on the Peace Documents.

Players must use all their mental and negotiation skills to move the Diplomats through the respective Territories. Deploy Scouts and Bodyguards to prevent Journalists or Politicians from sparking off a new War. You may have to use your few Wise Peacemakers to diffuse potential hostilities. All the while, the Military, ever vigilant, continues its maneuvers.

The Royals await your Diplomats.

Includes: 14.75 x 16.5″ board, 18 white and 18 black wooden pieces, 2 movement charts, 2 sets of coats of arms decals, illustrated rules. © 2002

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