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Early Years Game Box

Early Years

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1 to 12 Players, Ages 4 to 7

Four co-operative card games for the younger ages. Each game nurtures and encourages a blend of close observation, communication, imagination, some academic, social & memory skills. All this in a non-threatening, self-esteem building atmosphere.

A big bargain with lots of play value, and just plain fun to play! Special group game rules are included for accommodating as many as 36 players.

35 cards. A “domino” word game. Easy and hard variations included for learning about the alphabet, vowels, spelling words and making messages. Language skills made enjoyable.

35 cards. Try to connect halves of animals to form a long train pulled by Teddy Bear’s engine. Rules for several challenging games. Memory and observation skills get a workout.

35 cards form a long caterpillar of numbers and math signs. Educational fun for the clever child. Use as a puzzle, or try one of several co-op games. Math skills nurtured and exercised.

Story Time!

Story Time

35 cards. Become Story Tellers as you journey past Challenges to find a lost Treasure. The picture cards stimulate children to create stories on the spot. Nurtures imaginative problem solving.

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