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Emergency Treatment Center

Emergency Treatment Center

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Ages 7 to Adult / 2 to 6 Players

The Waiting Room is full!

The Ambulance has arrived!

Get a bed ready in Emergency, bring in the special treatment cart!

Yes, just another day in the E.T.C.

We are a team of Doctors and Nurses handling various patients with injuries who come into the Emergency Treatment Center. How many will we be able to treat within our 8-hour work shift?

Everybody, if we work like a skilled, well-trained team with big compassionate hearts.

Contents: 4 Game Boards, 55 Cards, a Time Marker, a Medical Records Sheet, Rules for regular and advanced games.

© 2017, Jim Deacove

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“I dedicate E.T.C. to the wonderful staff at the Perth ER and to all the hardworking Angels serving in ERs everywhere.” - Jim