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Eyes of the Jungle Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play

Eyes of the Jungle

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1 to 10 Players, Ages 8 to Adult

Trouble is stirring in the jungle. Village children have disappeared, Temples have been robbed, Rare Animals captured…

A call for help reaches our hidden camp. We slip into the Dark and Dangerous Interior. Our mission is to protect and save. We are the eyes and ears of the jungle — the Jungle Rangers.

Skill and cleverness will be needed to make the rescues and return alive. Imaginations will be challenged because we must use whatever resources we find to overcome the Deadly Dangers. But our very best resource is ourselves, working as a team, eyes and ears for each other. Careful thinking, bold imagination and cooperative teamwork are encouraged.

A different adventure each time. Tricky strategies entice adults as well. Take great care, amigos!

Includes: 13 x 18″ board, valuables, dangers, resources, special chart. © 1991

Fans  Our customers say:

“We were like McGyvers of the Jungle, using what we found 
to invent solutions.” — Calgary, Canada