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Galaxy Game Box, Rules and Cards Displayed


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1 to 6 players, Ages 6 to Adult

The game begins with a Random Universe arrangement. Players, using their Wits, Imaginations and Control Cards, try to create an Ordered Universe of Life and Form.

The beautifully illustrated cards represent various concepts that alone provide much to think and dream about. Play solitaire or with others, sharing ideas and strategies in a friendly, challenging way.

This game also includes The Collection, a booklet of 40 more fun and easy-to-learn co-op card games for the same deck. For ages 5-9, try Memory, Swami, or Triples; for ages 7-12, try Peace, Zoot or Melds; for teens and adults, try Quota, Co-op Crib or Quilter’s Delight.

Whether used for socials, family evenings, educational purposes, workshops, stimulating mental challenges or just plain fun, The Collection greatly extends the play value of these cards.

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