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Investigators Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play


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2 to 8 Players, Ages 8 to Adult

You are a team of private detectives solving such cases as Theft, Smuggling and Blackmail.

You move around the Big City looking for clues, trying to avoid Locked Doors, Guard Dogs, Getting Tied Up, Secret Codes, even Mob Tough Guys — and using Disguises, Fast Moves, a special Tool Kit, but mostly your Quick Wits to get out of Tight Corners.

Can we solve the case to get our client out of trouble? Yes, if we pool our strategies, use some intuition and help each other out of tough spots.

A quick-moving game with lots of opportunity for sharing, consultation and decision making.

Includes: 13 x 18″ board, cue cards, big bucks, solution envelope, movers. © 1989

Tricky but Fun!   Our customers say:
“Tricky but fun!” — Ukiah, CA

Canadian Toy Testing Top Rating Award 1989