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SkyScraper - Limited Edition* (NOS)

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Ages: 5 and Up. Can be too hard for children younger than 5, and children to 6 usually play best with an adult to help.

Players: 2 to 12. Can also be played solitare, but it's not as much fun.

Players are Building Contractors working together to make as high a Skyscraper as they can.

There are a few Building Code Laws they must follow, such as not allowing blocks of the same colour to touch one another, and giving each other a hug with consent if your skyscraper tumbles down.

Parents / Adults decide what Building Codes must be followed according to who is playing and what is appropriate.

Many rules/Building Code variations are possible to make the game fun for different age groups, mingled age groups or any groups of varying ability. For instance, one of the more challenging variations would be to set a goal of seventeen stories starting with a foundation of four blocks and then restricting each addtional story to three blocks. Using every block is the usual indicator of a successful construction. 

Don't forget, every construction game includes an additional game of demolition!

Contents: 50 Blocks of Four Different Colours, a Building Lot, Rules for Regular and Hard Games.

* Skyscraper was discontinued at the turn of the century. These are from box found in the workshop, they are not many and there won't be more :) Enjoy!