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Somewhere In China Board Game with Box, Board and Pieces Displayed

Somewhere In China

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2 to 5 players, Ages 12 to Adult

Village and Town Markets need Fish of various kinds. We are a Fishing Co-operative, each responsible for our own Boat, but working together to fill the Market Orders. We wish it were as easy as it sounds.

The good Fishing Grounds are always elusive and sometimes dangerously far out to Sea. Getting the right Gear, sufficient Bait, and a good supply of Fuel can be difficult. Boat Leaks, nasty Sharks and very Stormy Weather don’t help either.

We must rely on each other, keep in contact a lot and try to coordinate our efforts for everyone’s benefit. This co-operative spirit is the secret of good sailing and successful fishing. We also must return safely to our Home Ports before the Stormy Season makes fishing and deliveries too dangerous to continue.

May the Forces that be smile on our efforts!

Includes: 17 x 20″ board, rules for basic & advanced games, 5 fishing boats, 5 pawns, 5 gas, 1 warehouse, 12 fish markets, 12 store closed signs, 24 assorted fish, 6 sharks, 2 boat leaks, 4 good weathers, 4 storm gear, 24 storms, 22 assorted baits. © 2004

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A very clever game that will delight those just wanting to try something different, yet prove challenging to hardboiled gamers looking for a deep gaming experience.” — Ottawa, Ontario