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Stars Above

Stars Above

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Ages 5 to 12, 2 Player and Solo Play Modes

This is a cooperative action game requiring players to realize a common objective by helping each other and using the power of gravity as a friend.

OBJECT: To tilt carefully the play board back and forth, up and down,side to side, so that the marbles get into the various cut out holes in the constella­tions.

TIPS: Play as smoothly as you can. Sudden jerky moves won't work well. This is like a billiard game requiring nifty maneuvers. Letting go of control is something players in our competitive society have a hard time getting used to, but once you catch on, the game is a delight.

CONTENTS: Game Board 18" x 9", wooden Tilt Block, 5 Plastic Marbles, Rules for 5 games.