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Visitors, a Family Pastimes Co-Operative Game


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AGES  7 to Adult 
PLAYERS   1 to 4

THE STORY: We are ETs visiting Planet Earth. Our scout craft landed and suffered damage. We need to round up a variety of items to repair the craft.  

We are meeting plenty of obstacles, which we call UTOCs (Ugly Things Out of Control). We are highly realized Beings with Special Powers to use in non-violent ways. However, we are under a time constraint, because the Mother Ship that released us is leaving soon and we must be ready to rendezvous. Otherwise, we will be exiled on Earth.

And as we discover it is not a very friendly place.

CONTENTS 24 Area Cards, including the 6 Repair Parts, 1 Mother Ship, 1 Tool Kit and 12 ET Power Cards, Die, Rules for Regular and Advanced games.

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