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Wyprawa do babci (Granny's House)

Wyprawa do babci (Granny's House)

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This is the Polish version of Granny's House

Much like the Polish version of The Secret Door it is mostly the same as our original game but with revisioned artwork and presentation and the addition of the same family as we saw in the Polish version of Max (the Cat).

The Items that we use to solve problems in the original Granny's House are a little changed, but not much! You will be surprised at how the little ones choose to utilize them to overcome obstacles together.

There's a board/overlay combo that allows for four boards, from easy to difficult, so the game can be played even as the little ones get bigger.

The gameboard sits in the box for play, and again we see the graphics of the packaging complimenting the gameboard in play.

For all the neat changes, it remains the same wonderful cooperative game where we must work together to the best of our abilities to reach Granny and bring her nice things.

If you are interested, check our listing of Kotek Psotek for more information on how these licensed editions of our classic games came to be, and have fun playing any version you fancy :)