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Co-op Parlor Games

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Ages 12 to adult

A collection of 30 unique parlor games, played co-operatively. Includes amusing and challenging games suitable for both small and large groups. Can be played with little or no equipment, indoors and out, to pass a quiet evening or liven up a party. Detailed rules, with some illustrations.

Parlor games are those you play with your friends, mostly at home. Such games are intended to be social occasions for enjoying each other’s company. So, how ironic that so many parlor games are competitive and designed to eliminate, exclude, pit people against each other and create tension, if not downright hostility.

The hidden philosophy seems to be that with so many enemies, who needs friends?

The collection of parlor games you hold in your hands are all cooperative. This means the bottom line is that none of them have people being adversaries. Friendliness and fun should be nurtured by a game not happen despite the game.

I’ve divided the games into three categories. There is some overlap since some games are not purely this kind or that kind.

The first are what I call TALKIES. Adults sit about the parlor with good things to eat and drink and engage in talk – wise, witty, exploratory. Note that the games are mainly for adults, although some allow for younger players.

Secondly, I offer ACTION games. These are more active, usually needing lots of people, and are thus great for parties. Very little sitting down is required.

The last bunch I call VARIETY. These are a miscellany of stunts, new ways to use old games, and an experiment or two.

So, my invitation to you is dare a little to gain a lot. Break the stranglehold of competitive habits at game time. Remember that parlor games are games to play with your friends. And let’s add to our friendships as well as deepen the ones we have already. Who needs enemies, when friends are so much more enjoyable! © 1987, 1997, 2014

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