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Good Ship Freedom

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1 to 12 players, Ages Teen to Adult

A Kafkaesque metaphor about Seekers trying to escape the political, religious, economic and other illusions that entrap them, preventing freedom of Mind and Spirit.

Captain K sails to a dark but enticing Land to look for crew to help cross the dangerous seas to Freedom Island. Constant Patrols make it difficult for the crew to gather documents and gear needed to make a boarding at any dock.

Players are the Crew, seekers after Freedom, helping each other round up credentials which entitle them to board the Good Ship Freedom and avoid those feverish Patrols, who never tire of vying for your very Being.

Courage be with you, Seekers after Truth!

Includes: 18 x 22″ board, dice, crew, organizer chart, and sets of action, patrol, ship and storm cards. © 1994

Family Pastimes Customer Review:   Our customers say:

“A wonderful game requiring alert minds and careful collaboration.” — New York, NY