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Jigsaw Mystery Puzzle Pack Game Box, Board and Pieces Displayed as in Play

Jigsaw Mystery Puzzle Pack

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1 to 6 Players, Ages 7 to 10

Games within games!

Play the Detective Card Game to put the Jigsaw together — and then have a picture Mystery Case to solve. Each Case has 40 Clues and is 8” x 14”. The Sealed Envelope contains the Solutions, and a Secret Coded Message for Crime Fighters everywhere. Lots of play value!

Rules included for a Group Co-op Game for 12 to 36 players, using all four Cases together.

Case #1: The Missing Treasure !

The jigsaw shows a boy and his pets. He is missing something. Who has taken it? The detective work begins. To work this puzzle, a youngster needs an average reading ability, a sharp eye for visual clues & a knack for thinking out mysteries.

Case #2: The Moving Shadow !

The scene is inside a home with familiar objects. The little girl baked a cake & someone stole it! Keep an eye open for visual clues, do some reading & thinking, even make drawings as well as shadows on the wall to solve this mystery.

Case #3: The Funny Footprint !

Outdoors where it seems some vandalism has occurred! Mom’s plant has been knocked down & wrecked. Puzzles-in-puzzles in this Case, because you must find the suspects, hiding in the picture. Look closely, interpret evidence, & learn a lot about tracking footprints.

Case #4: The Howling Thing

It’s an old store where very mysterious goings-on have taken place. Granny’s country store has been broken into. Granny cross-examines some likely suspects. Lots of interesting, careful thinking to do. Don’t overlook anything, dear Watson! or we may never get to the bottom of this strange Case.

Contents: Four 8" x 14" Jigsaw Puzzles, Forty Clue/Information Cards, Envelope containing Solutions/Message, Rules for multiple games. © 2003 Family Pastimes Co-operative Games