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1 to 8 players, Ages 5 to Adult

You are Camel Drivers, guiding Caravans from your Home Village through the Desert, gathering various Valuable Things to trade and sell when and if you reach The City.

Along the way, watch for sudden Sandstorms that can eliminate you, and Thieves who can appear anywhere. Help each other look after all the Caravans. Discuss, plan strategies together, keep an eye out for one another. Travelling through the Desert requires care and alertness. Storms can move quickly, sometimes almost unpredictably.

Be wary, fellow adventurers, for the Dangers are many, but the Rewards are oh so great! May Allah bless the journey a thousand-fold!

Includes: 13 x 17″ board, special dice, sandstorm card and holder, caravan movers, desert caravan collector card, assortment of special cards including tents, thieves, valuables, guards, camels, food, water, jeeps. © 1999 

Family Pastimes Cooperative Games Three games in one:
Play this game as Oasis Jr. (ages 5-7), Oasis Classic (ages 7-12), and Master Oasis for ages 12 to adult.