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Sahara Search Game Box, Cards arranged for Display

Sahara Search

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1 to 4 Players, Ages 9 to Adult

We are archaeologists digging for treasures in the desert. We have four areas to dig; we work together to unearth as many valuable treasures as we can. Sometimes we must make deals with property owners to gain access to promising dig areas.

The game ends when our Camel Train is full of 15 high value treasures, a few low value ones and hopefully no collections of worthless junk.

Includes: 24 dig area cards, 12 action cards, 1 camel transport train, rules. © 2011

Designer Notes:   Designer’s note:
No pretending. This is a game for bright children and adults who enjoy using their minds.
— Jim

Creative Child Magazine - Game of the Year 2011 Creative Child Magazine’s Game of the Year 2011