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Sky Travelers Game Box, Board and Pieces ready to Play

Sky Travelers

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2 to 5 Players, Ages 8 to Adult

You are visitors from Outer Space whose Scout Craft has crashed on an island. Your Mission is to search the island, the Shore, the Sea, Nearby Forests and even Mountains for the Elements to repair your Craft. The Mother Ship is coming close for a pick up of your Scout Craft. Don’t let it pass by!

On Earth, you meet UTOCs (Ugly Things Out of Control) and use your Powers to deal with them. However, your world is without violence and your people are so deeply peaceful that you cannot harm anyone. If you use a Special Power in a violent way, your Being disintegrates!

An exciting game of skill, teamwork and decision making. But remember … the Mother Ship is on its way, and coming nearer.

Includes: 13 x 18″ board, movers, traveler chart, travel cards, dice. © 1989

Family Fans!   Our customers say:
“The completely opposite playing experience to all current violent games! A truly kinder, gentler science fiction game.”
— Chicago, IL